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    Haibeck Automotive Technology




All of our products are made in the USA

Under The Plenum Service Demonstration DVD

 The Items In The Section Below Are Upgrades And Performance Improvements

Rear Axle Gears

Top End Porting

Performance Engine Calibration. Also Known As A Chip.

Custom Calibration

Dyno Tuning

Major Engine Power Upgrades

Engine Refinishing

Cylinder Head Porting

Engine Reconditioning

Long Tube Headers

Exhaust Cutouts

Light Weight Flywheel

Coilover Suspension

Roll Bar

Intake Temperature Sensor Relocation

Line Lock

Air Duct Support Hoops

Digital Gauges

Keyless Entry

Battery Relocation

CD Player Skip Reduction

Radio Antenna Ground Plane Upgrade

Custom Parts

We Manufacture These Parts

Camshaft Cover Emblem

Camshaft Cover Filter

Coolant Hoses

High Quality Camshaft Sprocket Bolt

MLS Head Gasket

Oversize Steering Column Pivot Pin

Radiator Debris Screen

Speedometer Correction Gears

Throttle Body Heat Bypass Line

Upper Camshaft Chain Guide Facing

Water Pump

Accessory Belt Tensioner

170 Degree Thermostat

 Prices are subject to change at any time.