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Reconditioned Accessory Belt Tensioner

The OE PN 10067479 tensioner was manufactured by Dayco. Production ended in about 2015. We recondition the OE tensioner using new Dayco parts. All of the parts that are subject to wear are replaced with new parts. The damper cover in the picture is black plastic material. The current reconditioned tensioner has an aluminum damper cover like the original tensioner.

New parts list:

1. The spring and the white Teflon tape that is used between the windings.

2. The inner arm bearing and facing.

3. The damper assembly.

4. The pulley. The correct Dayco pulley has belt guide flanges. A Gates pulley does not have the flanges.

We exchange your worn tensioner for a reconditioned unit. After we receive your tensioner we will ship the reconditioned tensioner on the next business day. The cost is $165.

The ZR-1 tensioner is a relatively low load tensioner. The loading force of the arm can be measured with a torque wrench. A new tensioner registers 15 to 19 lb. ft. at the full travel of the arm.

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Accessory belt tensioner installation tips:

- The alignment pin on the tensioner goes in the narrow notch close to the water pump hose. Not in the wide notch. When installed correctly, the arm will be in the 2:00 position without the belt installed. Not in the 4:00 position.

- The tensioner case should not contact the water pump hose clamp. If it does, rotate the clamp downward. If the tensioner is tightened with interference with the clamp, the case can bend and the arm can bind or jam.

- The correct belt length is 80.2 inches. For example, Gates belt K060802. Note the 802 length code. An 80 inch belt will be difficult to install. A belt that is too long, like K060805 can cause the tensioner to click as it taps on the lower travel stop.

- The factory provided a label with the belt installation procedure on the right top of the radiator shroud. The label describes slipping the belt behind the water pump pulley to gain slack for routing onto the other pulleys.

- It is usually easy to use a long pry bar to push the coolant crossover pipe forward to remove the tensioner. Another method is to remove the air horn.

- The alternator pulley for a ZR-1 is 2.6 inches in diameter. If the alternator has a small pulley for a L98 engine, the belt will fit loose and the tensioner might tap on the lower travel limit. This will result in a loose belt and clicking noise. A small pulley can damage the alternator with over speed when the LT5 goes to 7000 rpm. A 2.6 inch pulley is available from Summit Racing as PWM-186.

- The normal orientation of the tensioner arm with the belt installed is at the 1:00 position.

- If the 80.2 inch belt is too tight to install, there could be a tolerance stack up. Substitute a 80.5 inch belt like Gates K060805.