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We use camshafts made by Web-Cam. Their process is to build up the lobes of camshafts that we supply by welding. The specifications are:

Intake lift .449", duration 243 degrees at .050" lift. Exhaust lift .442", duration 222 degrees.

The chart has a comparison between a 510 HP package with the OE cams and a 510 HP package with Web-Cam cams. Both engines are 350 CI. With a 15% driveline loss factor the power difference is +19 crankshaft HP.

453.48 wheel HP /.85 = 533.50 crankshaft HP. 437.06 wheel HP /.85 = 514.19 crankshaft HP.
533.50 - 514.19 = +19.31 crankshaft HP.

The cams work well in a drag racing situation where the engine runs in the 5000 to 7000 rpm range once the car is 60 feet down the track. For
normal street driving, they are not the best choice because the engine runs in the 2500 to 4000 rpm range most of the time. On the other hand,
if you like a power surge at the top of the rev range, the cams are interesting.

The camshafts on the chart were installed with the intake centerlines at 114 degrees and the exhaust centerlines at 110 degrees.

Camshaft Dyno Chart

The cost is $2839. This includes new Melling lifters.