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Exhaust Cutouts

Exhaust cutouts provide the best of both exhaust worlds. You can have quiet exhaust and also greatly reduced backpressure when maximum power is desired.

The valves can be opened to any position from 5% to 100% to provide just a little or a lot of added exhaust sound. They are controlled by an electric switch located at the driver's seat. The spare tire is removed to make room for the cutout valves. The net weight reduction is 50 pounds.

High quality Quick Time Performance valves are used. They are constructed with a stainless steel shaft and plate with an aluminum body.

The OE exhaust system has large 2 3/4" pipes. However the '90 to '92 OE exhaust systems reduce the ID of the pipes to 1 5/8" inside the resonator. It's a significant restriction to flow. The '93 to '95 OE exhaust systems were improved to remove the resonator restriction. The '93 - '95 exhaust system is preferred for use with cutouts because the system is straight through 2 5/8" id all of the way to the cutout locations before the mufflers. If desired, we can help locate a '93 - '95 OE exhaust system to upgrade an earlier car.

The cost for the installation with a steel exhaust system like OE or Flowmaster is $1220.

The cost for the installation with a stainless steel exhaust system like B&B or Borla is $1307.