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Engine Refinishing


Your LT5 engine can be refinished to look better than new. This engine is silver, slightly brighter than the original finish. Most ZR-1 owners are awestruck by the look.

The deteriorated original finish is removed to the bare metal. A urethane/epoxy color coat is applied, followed by a urethane/epoxy clear coat. Glossy black lettering is included. The finish is much more durable than the original finish. Oil or coolant spills have no effect on a cool engine surface.

The picture shows optional red and black lettering. It also shows optional stainless steel fasteners. Other lettering colors are available.

The removal of the camshaft covers is labor intensive. The cost for the refinishing, including the removal and replacement of the parts is $2655.

Refinishing less removal and replacement of the parts costs $1790.


The silver color is also available in light metallic.

Red numbers and black lettering, add $30.

Camshaft cover emblems are available. View the emblems

Stainless steel hex socket drive fasteners are available as a set. The set includes plenum bolts, cam cover bolts with sealing washers, water manifold bolts, air horn screws and throttle body cover screws. $140.

The ZR-1 splash logo is shown on the fifth engine picture below. The logo is stenciled with paint before the clear coating is applied. It is not a decal. A red color logo costs $75. The logo in your choice of color costs $150.

Two engine colors, add $275.

A rainbow of engine colors are available. This engine is finished in Competition Yellow.

    This engine is finished in Bright Red. Torch Red is available.

White looks incredible with a white car. The engine color is exactly the same as the car color.

This engine is finished in silver metallic. The ZR-1 on the air horn is paint under the clear coating. It's not a decal.

If desired, engine power labeling is available at no cost.

This is Alan Lewis's black metallic and silver combination.

The top of the engine can be polished. This engine has colored camshaft covers. The camshaft covers can also be polished.

The cost to polish the top of the engine with color cam covers with the engine in the car is $3300.

The cost to polish the top of the engine including the cam covers with the engine in the car is $3520.

The cost to polish parts that are sent in and color the cam covers is $2435.

The cost to polish parts that are sent in including the cam covers is $2655.

This is a fully polished engine.

The engraved water manifolds and throttle body cover are available as an option for $210.

This engine is colored Turquoise.

A reproduction of the factory finish is avalable.

The polished tubes and throttle body cover cost $370.


Polished with Dark Purple cam covers.

Polished with Torch Red cam covers.

Wrinkled powder coating. Shown with optional stainless steel socket drive bolts. $2240. With the OE black bolts. $2100.

Hatch labels are available at no additional cost. The label is silver and red.