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Custom Engine Calibration

These changes can be made to an existing calibration

Calibration services that are available


Custom fuel and ignition spark advance timing settings


Specific adjustments such as custom cooling fan turn on/turn off settings


The power key default mode can be changed to Full Power ('91-'95)

A short list of the adjustable parameters:


Ignition Spark Timing

Idle Speed

Knock Sensor Filtering

CAGS (forced 1 to 4 shift) Disable

EGR Activity ('93-'95)

MAT Sensor Ignition Spark Timing Retard Values

One or all of the above settings can be changed in an existing calibration. A change can be made without changing any other data in an existing custom calibration except for the specifically requested change.

$100 for the first modification, $50 for each additional modification. Each line above describes an individual modification.

Additional fuel and Anti-Backfire Mode for engines with headers:

These features can be added to an existing calibration for $100.

Operation without the secondary throttle control system:

The control of the secondary throttle system can be removed. With this modification the engine idles on the primary fuel injectors and runs on the primary and secondary fuel injectors when the throttle position reaches 1%. Normally there is no noticeable effect on drivability. All of the secondary throttle system parts can be removed except for the diagnostic sensor. Remove the vacuum hose from the sensor and leave the sensor port exposed to the atmosphere. This is a good alternative when secondary throttle system repair parts are not available. $200.

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