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Multi-Layer Stainless Steel Head Gasket

We have developed a Cometic MLS head gasket for the LT5. This gasket is a problem solver. If head gasket failure is a concern this gasket is a solution.

The OE head gasket is made with fiber material. Fiber gasket material is like heavy duty paper. The common failure area or weak spot of the LT5 gasket is at the exhaust side of the combustion chamber. If heavy detonation occurs the gasket gets pushed off the top flange of the liner.

If the engine is overheated the head gasket gets squeezed between the expanded aluminum cylinder block and the aluminum cylinder head which are clamped together by the steel head bolts. If the gasket is compressed too far in an overheating situation it will subsequently fit loosely. Normal operation of the engine can then push the loose fitting gasket off of the top of the liner.

Our MLS gasket is made from five layers of stainless steel. It is highly resistant to deformation at the exhaust side coolant passage. The embossed surface material is like a spring under compression. The MLS gasket will withstand a tremendous amount of additional compression and spring back to its original fit.

MLS Gasket

The OE gasket has upper and lower layers of fiber on a .025" steel core.

Failed OE Gasket

The compressed thickness of the MLS gasket is .050" verses .065" for the OE gasket. For a 350 ci engine, the MLS gasket will add .4 to the compression ratio. If the original compression was 11.0:1 it will increase to 11.4:1. The finish on the cylinder head should be 50 RA or finer. Most production cylinder heads are a little rougher than that. Most production blocks are about 50 RA. The MLS gaskets are installed according to the procedure in the GM service manual.

These gaskets are not available directly from Cometic. The cost is $417 per pair.