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Throttle Body Heat Bypass Line

The coolant bypass line reduces heating of the plenum. The OE configuration routes the air, steam and coolant from the left side of the engine to the surge tank (black tank) via the throttle body. Throttle body heat is intended to prevent icing of the throttle body in cold weather. I have found that the throttle body has no problem with ice when the ambient temperature is at 20 degrees and the humidity is 90%.

A dry throttle body will prevent the finish on top of the throttle body from lifting. The problem with the finish is related to moisture inside the throttle body. It's a good idea to install a throttle body coolant bypass after repairing the finish on the throttle body. Otherwise the problem with the finish may occur again.

The bypass line is made with polished stainless steel. It can be installed without removing the plenum.

The cost is $25.