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Radio Antenna Ground Plane Upgrade

GM issued a service bulletin for an improvement to the radio antenna. It can enhance the quality of FM radio reception. This is applicable for ’90 through ’91 Corvettes. Some customers have been very impressed with the results. The results are dependent on the quality your local radio signals and the quality of the installation. High quality installations are performed only if the installation is exactly as specified by the technical bulletin. The improvement was incorporated into factory production in the ’92 model year.

The method is to create a ground plane for the antenna. Four wires that are ¼ wavelength long join together to form an electrical ground field at radio frequencies. The C4 Corvette has a narrow steel band located under the antenna. It is designed to function as a ground plane, but its area is too small for optimal performance. Other cars don’t have this difficulty because metal exterior panels provide the ground plane.

$75. Installed