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Intake Air Temperature Sensor Relocation

The LT5's intake air temperature sensor is located on the air horn. This location causes the sensor to be falsely influenced by the heat from the plenum and under hood air. This false heat causes a power loss because the engine control system uses the intake air temperature in its detonation control strategy. The stock calibration is programmed to remove up to 3 degrees of ignition advance as the temperature of the sensor goes from 95 to 130 degrees F. This results in a loss of approximately 10 ft. lbs. of torque and 10 hp. The end result is the feeling that the engine has lost its edge for power after it experiences some heat soak.

Relocating the sensor outside of the engine compartment causes the engine control system to sense the air, at the temperature that it will be at when its entering the engine. Testing has shown that the air entering the area of the filter, is essentially at ambient temperature when the speed of the Corvette exceeds 15 mph.

By preventing this loss, the LT5 does not experience the usual power fade after under hood heat soaking occurs.

The sensor is relocated outside of the engine compartment and wired in place of the stock sensor at the back of the ECM.

The sensor is shown in the area of the radiator air inlet.

The wiring is routed in the existing wire sheathing. The relocated sensor is not easy to visually detect.

The cost is $95 installed.

Due to the custom wiring, this upgrade is not available from us as a kit. However, Corvette Central sells a universal fit kit that supplies an extension cable that is long enough to locate the temperature sensor infront of the AC condenser. PN 304292.