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Coilover Suspension

 A coilover suspension can add an exciting look to your Corvette and customize the handling.

The Hypercoil springs feature powder coating for beauty and durability.

The coilover system allows freedom to select a spring rate, adjust the ride height and to preload the chassis for strategic advantage on a race track. Coilover suspended Corvettes are more supple over uneven road surfaces. The car will have a more connected and controlled feel especially when high lateral force is generated on an uneven road surface.

Any desired spring rate can be selected. We duplicate the ZR-1 spring rate. The rate can be reduced for a softer ride. The rate can also be increased to and beyond Z51 and Z07 spring rates. The ride height is fully adjustable by the owner of the car. The wheel load can be adjusted individually at each wheel.

The original Bilstein shocks with the FX3 Selective Ride Control system are retained.

The package includes relocation of the upper rear shock mounts, relocation of the front sway bar mounts and a four wheel alignment on a Hunter alignment machine.

The complete installed package costs $3260.

Spring color options. Hypercoil springs are colored dark blue. QA1 springs are black They can be powder coated with a color of your choice. $200.

For example, red.