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Under the LT5 Plenum Service Demonstration Video

The professionally produced video contains a step by step service demonstration. In the video, the plenum is removed for replacement of the fuel injectors. Then the plenum is reinstalled.

 The the following sections are presented:

- Introduction

- Removing the plenum

- Removal of the fuel rail

- Sealing common loose vacuum connections. Reducing oil leakage under the plenum.

- Installation of the fuel rail

- Functional tests. Testing the secondary intake port throttles with the plenum removed.

- Installation of the plenum

- Resetting the ECM fuel trim memory

- Checking and adjusting the ASR throttle cable on '92 and up cars

- Closing statement

All three versions of the engine are covered, '90, '91-'92 and '93-'95.

The video play time is 1 hour and 7 minutes.

The video can be purchased by calling 630-458-8427 after 11:00 am Chicago Time Monday through Saturday. Payment can be made via credit card. Payment can also be made via PayPal at: mhaibeck@sbcglobal.net

The cost is $45 + $10 shipping via Priority Mail = $55.

FedEx overnight delivery is available.

The video is in MP4 format. It will play on the Windows Media Player under Windows 7 to 11.