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Engine Reconditioning

The engine is removed from the car. It is disassembled and inspected.

New OE LT5 Nikasil coated liners with pistons are generally difficult to locate. The normal procedure is to recondition the engine with available chrome-moly iron liners and high silicon Diamond forged pistons. With these parts, there is no additional cost to move from the OE 3.90 to a 4.00 bore. This creates a 368 cubic inch engine. The added displacement and lighter pistons adds 30 hp.

Currently, we have a set of low mileage OE take out aluminum liners and pistons. The engine could be reconditioned with these Nikasil liners. The +30 hp described above does not occur because the displacement remains at 350 CI. 

The following items are also included:

- All gaskets and seals. MLS head gaskets.

- Three angle valve refinishing

- 90 cylinder heads are upgraded with exhaust valve seals

- New connecting rod bearings. New main bearings.

- All seven camshaft drive chain wear strips are replaced

- All three camshaft chains are replaced

- The oil pump seal is replaced

The cost is $10,680 for a 368 CI rebuild. The cost for a 350 CI rebuild is $9,155.

Engine refinishing is available at an additional cost when performed in conjunction with engine reconditioning. The cost is the same as the refinishing package that does not include removal and replacement of the parts.

An engine can be shipped in for reconditioning. Shipped in engines are run for one hour on our test-stand.

For a shipped in engine the cost is $10,500 for a 368 CI rebuild. The cost for a 350 CI rebuild is $8,975.