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    Haibeck Automotive Technology



Repair Services

We can resolve just about any problem on a ZR-1. Since we work on ZR-1's every day, we have a tremendous amount of specific experience.

The LT5 engine is our favorite specialty. The engine control system can be scanned with a data acquisition system. Parameters can be collected while the car is driven to capture data on intermittent failure events. Since we repair more LT5 engines than anyone else, we are most capable of analyzing problems and interpreting symptoms.

Preventive Maintenance

Fuel Injector Replacement

Bose Radio System Repairs

Lumbar Pump and Bladder Repair

Headlamp Motor Repair

Throttle Body Repair

Tachometer Repair

Camshaft Chain Tensioner Compression

ECM Service

ZF S6-40 Transmission Repair


Other Services That are Available:

Inflatable Restraint System (air bag) fault resolution.

Selective Ride Control (FX3 shock absorber) fault resolution.

Low Tire Pressure Warning System fault resolution.

Resolve an electrical problem anywhere in the car.

Prices are subject to change at any time.