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ZF S6-40 Transmission Repairs

 The most common problems with the S6-40 transmission are clashing on gear shifts and popping out of gear.


        Clashing is usually remedied with replacement of a synchronizer ring. The ZF company distributes the synchronizers in full sets. The first through fourth gear synchros can be replaced for $2,785. This includes removing and replacing the transmission in the car.

        Synchronizer replacement for  first through sixth gears. $3,040.

    Note that if the transmission has had more than a few hard gear clash events, the gear and its associated sliding ring may also need replacement. For example, the parts cost for a second gear and its sliding ring is $903.

         Popping out of gear. A gear and its sliding ring are needed. The cost is $2,785 as listred above plus $903 = $3,688.