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Tachometer Repair

The tachometer usually malfunctions such that it reads too high or less often, too low. The amount of error can be small or as great as 50%.

The tachometer display can be compared to the exact digital engine speed that is available on an engine data scanner. The digital engine speed can also be displayed on the HVAC panel. Press the fan up and down buttons together for a few seconds until the display shows -00. Then press the fan up button until the display shows -06. Lastly, press the fan button that is located between the fan up and down buttons once. The display will show the engine speed. The number multiplied by 25 = engine speed.

The problem is located in the cluster assembly. We can repair it. We will also clean the inside of the cluster lens if it needs cleaning. We do not exchange the cluster, we repair and return your unit.

The cost is $235 plus shipping. Call or contact us via email before sending in a cluster assembly.

A new official GM reproduction lens is available for $85.

In the shop repair. This includes removal and reinstallation of the cluster in the car. $345.