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Fuel Injector Replacement Service

The OE fuel injectors for '90 to '92 LT5's are not compatible with ethanol fuel additive. All factory installed '90 to '92 LT5 fuel injectors get damaged after three to five years of exposure to ethanol. The typical symptom is rough engine operation as the engine warms up to normal operating temperature. As the problem progresses the engine will develop a misfire. At idle a significant misfire will cause the dual mass flywheel to exceed its control range and it will make a clicking or clanking sound that emanates from under the car. If a secondary port fuel injector causes a misfire, the engine will have a fluttering vibration as the throttle is opened past 50% or so.

The root cause is an internal seal in the fuel injector that allows the ethanol to enter the electrical solenoid coil inside the fuel injector. The ethanol then attacks the insulation on the coil windings and they short together. As the turns of the coil short together the electrical current increases. As the current increases the injector opens more and delivers excess fuel. The engine runs rich until the current gets so high that the engine control system can not drive the injector and it ceases to operate. Then the engine has a complete misfire.

The '93 to '95 OE fuel injectors are designed to be compatible with ethanol. We have never seen a misfire caused by a shorted solenoid coil and a '93 and up LT5.

We can replace all 16 fuel injectors with new modern design units that are compatible with ethanol. The service includes new plenum gaskets, new fuel rail o-rings, tightening the injector housing and air box bolts, repairing vacuum leaks and a functional inspection of the secondary intake port throttle vacuum control system.

The cost for all parts and labor is $1895.