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Bose Radio System Repairs

 We can service all of the components of the Bose Gold radio system.

        Amplifier module repair. The typical failure modes are, no output or high pitched howl or noise at low volume levels. We can recondition the amplifier module by replacing failed components and components that have deteriorated over time. Amplifier module reconditioning is $125. Labor to remove and replace the module on the car is $22.50.

        CD player repair. Most CD players fail with no output. Often the track number is not displayed. Sometimes the load solenoid clicks but the CD does not load. Sometimes a chirping sound can be heard from the speakers. The CD player can be repaired. The original radio head is then returned to the vehicle. CD player repair is $220. Labor to remove and replace the radio head on the car is $40.

     For '90 to '93 cars, GM issued a service upgrade to reduce CD skipping on rough roads. The upgrade was incorporated into factory production in the 94 and later model years. The upgrade consists of installation of a special urethane cushion under the radio head. This is recommended when performing CD player repairs. With a CD player repair, the cost is $15.

        Radio LCD display backlight repair. There are three lamps that illuminate the radio display. If one lamp goes out the backlight becomes uneven. Removal of the radio and replacement of all three lamps is $80. If the lamps are replaced along with a CD repair, the cost for the lamp replacement is $40.

        The CDM or radio module. The CDM is where the Bose control system, the preampifiers and the radio tuners are located. The radio head in the dash contains only motors and switches. On '90-'92 cars the CDM is buried under cabling above the right hush panel. On '93-'95 cars the CDM is easy to access in the right rear storage compartment. The most common failure mode is where, if the speaker amplifier is okay, just faint radio audio can be heard with the radio volume control at 100%. Sometimes the radio station display can't be updated. If the CDM has lost internal power the clock will not update. The cost to recondition the CDM is $285. Labor to remove and replace the CDM on '90-'92 cars is $190. The cost to remove and replace it on '93-'95 cars is $10.