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ECM Services

We can test your ECM in a ZR-1. This is useful if there is a doubt whether the ECM really has a fault. If the ECM should test as good you can move on with the diagnostic process without investing in an expensive and hard to find part.

The car is the ultimate test machine.

The cost for the testing is $150 plus the return shipping cost. Overnight return shipping is available.

If the ECM has a fault we have a repair service. There is an 80% chance that the repair will be sucessfull. As of February 2023, they have repaired 70 ZR-1 ECM's.The turnaround time is about 15 business days. Acceptance for repair is subject to our incoming inspection. Units that are water damaged, crash damaged or damaged from a prevoius repair are not eligable for repair. The cost for a sucessful repair is $525 plus the return shipping cost. If the unit can not be repaired the cost is $225 plus the return shipping cost. If an ECM that was submitted for testing is then sent for repair there is no charge for the testing service.