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Fuel Injector Flow Testing

 We can flow test fuel injectors and sort them for the best balance on a cylinder to cylinder basis

The LT5 engine is quite unique with its two injector per cylinder design. This provides an opportunity to improve the fuel flow distribution on a per cylinder basis. The primary and secondary fuel injectors can be matched so that the normal variation in flow from the primary fuel injector to the secondary injector is complimentary. Thus, the fuel delivery for a primary and secondary pair can average out to obtain the best average flow for the engine on a per cylinder basis. The charts illustrate this.

An example of fuel flow before balancing:

Note the variation in flow for each primary/secondary fuel injector pair.

The same set of injectors after balancing:

The flow variation now varies 1% or less from cylinder to cylinder.

The cost is $100 plus shipping.

Hot Resistance Test

The Multec fuel injectors that are used in '90 to '92 LT5's are susceptible to electrical shorts in the solenoid coil. The early fuel injectors should be tested for electrical resistance. Shorted turns in the coils are more likely to occur as the injectors approach the operating temperature of the engine. We slowly heat the injectors in an oven to 200 degrees F. The resistance is measured with a high quality digital meter. This is highly recommended for the early injectors. I have never encountered a shorted solenoid coil on the improved '93 - '95 Multec fuel injectors.

 Hot resistance testing is $25.