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Digital Engine Temperature Gauges


Digital Temperature Gauges

When the Corvette Group revised the interior of the ’90 Corvette, they dropped the digital temperature gauges from the instrumentation. This is a significant deficiency for an extreme performance engine like the LT5. Drag racers are interested in the exact coolant temperature. Oil temperature is critical to road racers.

We offer a custom installation of laboratory quality displays. The displays utilize thermocouple probes that are independent from the vehicle’s other temperature sensors. The accuracy is +/- ½ %.

The gauge has a tri-color display. The display is green when the engine is cold.

When the temperature enters the normal operating range the display changes to amber color. Normally the coolant gauge turns amber at 140 degrees F. Normally the oil temperature gauge changes to amber at 120 degrees F. The color change points can be set to any specified temperature at no additional cost.

When a temperature exceeds the normal range the display changes to red. The normal red change point for the coolant temperature is 240 degrees F. For the oil temperature it's 260 degrees F. Other temperatures can be set at no additional cost.

The installed price for the gauges is $1398.

When the gauges are installed in conjunction with an engine upgrade, the plenum and injector housing removal are no extra cost. $1000.