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Our Favorite Links


Click here to purchase AMSOIL high ZDDP AMO 10W-40 that we recommend for the LT5 engine.  Note> For the AMO  product select "10W-40" in the Viscosity list on the left side of the page. Then scroll down to the "AMOQT-EA" description.

Click here to view our basis for recommending the AMSOIL AMO product.

The ZR1 Net Registry

The Net Registry is the best ZR-1 owner's information exchange.

CCM / C4 Body Control Module Programming and Testing

Contact Jeff DeBuhr at email address: vettxtc@gmail.com

Stainless Works

Headers constructed with excellent quality.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Excellence in engineering.

Jerry's Gaskets

High quality gaskets for the LT5. New and used LT5 parts.

Mirrock Corvette

A good source for used C4 parts.

Top Tier Gasoline

The best fuel brands for the LT5.

National Motorists Association

The NMA works to protect motorists from abusive laws and regulations.