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Fuel Sender Storage Damage

 This fuel sender is from a '92 that sat in storage for many years. When we encountered it the fuel had reduced to a layer of sludge covering the bottom of the tank. Moisture in the air caused the severe rusting.

 This problem can be avoided by filling the tank to the top with fuel to drive the air out of the tank. Use the fuel or pump the fuel out every two years. Refill the tank to the top.

We don't recommend fuel additives for storage. All that's needed is the fresh fuel that is refreshed every two years.

If you fall victim to this problem, the tank can be cleaned out. The tank has a plastic liner that is not affected by stale fuel or moisture. The dual pump ZR-1 fuel sender is usually very hard to find. We convert an LT1 sender for use as a replacement. Converting the ZR-1 Fuel System to Use a Single Pump

A complete fuel sender conversion assembly is available from Dan Merrill. Dan's email address is: d.i.merrill@sbcglobal.net