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CD Player Skip

Published in the Legend in November 1995.

GM Service Bulletin Notice

A service bulletin has been issued to address excessive CD player skipping on '90 to '94 Corvettes. I installed the modification and have found the improvement to be outstanding. On a certain stretch of road that I drove on everyday, the CD player in my '93 ZR1 would skip at speeds over 40 mph. This would happen with the ride control on Tour. After installing the skip reduction modification, skipping on the same section of road does not occur until over 60 mph. This translates into a movement of the threshold of roughness that causes skipping, to a speed that is higher than my personal threshold for how hard I am willing to allow my car to be beaten up by bumps. The incidence of skipping in general has been reduced to a fraction of what it used to be.

The bulletin states that it should be applied when skipping is considered to be excessive, and at anytime the radio/CD head is removed for service. The modification was incorporated into all `95's in factory production.

The skipping occurs because the rear portion of the radio is not properly supported. Their remedy is to install foam tape on the top and bottom of the rear section of the radio. It takes about an hour to remove the radio and reinstall it with the foam in place. The bulletin, which is number 339603, describes where to apply the tape and the part number for the tape.

The bulletin cautions to use only the special urethane tape specified because other tapes may take a set over time, and become ineffective. The foam tape is no longer available from GM parts. We found the exact material that GM used. We stock the material. The cost is $5.