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Corsa Verses B&B Mufflers


We get our best performance results when a Corsa exhaust system is used. One may wonder how better power is produced with 2.5" system than with a 3" system. The picture pretty much tells the whole story. The obstruction in the muffler is much more significant than the pipe size.

The muffler on the left is a third design (newest design as of April 2008) B&B muffler. The muffler on the right is a Corsa muffler. The elbow pipe on the inlet of the B&B was cut off flush with the back of the case. A tubular light was placed behind the mufflers. The picture shows light filtering through the screens in the B&B muffler, dots of light can be seen through the outlet. Imagine the resistance to flow when the gas velocity is 150 mph or more at wide open throttle. The Corsa, although a 2.5" pipe has much more open area because the path is straight through.

The resonator on the latest B&B design is also restrictive. The internal pipe size is 1.625". The Corsa resonator has a 2.5" straight pipe.