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ZR-1 Weight Reduction

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For off road racing use.


This list has just a few fresh ideas, however, it shows how little things can add up.


Remove:                                                                       Weight Reduction

Spare tire                                                                                 -37.

Jack                                                                                         - 6.

Jack handle                                                                               - 2.

Tire bag                                                                                    - 3.5

Spare tire carrier and the brackets                                                - 9.5

Windshield washer tank, full of solvent.                                        - 6.5

Storage compartment tray                                                            - .5

The security shade                                                                     - 4.5

AIR pump                                                                                  - 5.

AIR pump tubes, hoses and valve.                                                - 2.5

Remove the hood hinge side brace.                                              -.5

Replace hood solid hinge shims with stubs of tubing.

    Cut off the unused arms on the hinges.                                    - 2.

Fuel tank retainer cable. This is a safety item.                               - 1.

The fuel vapor canister, check valve and hose.                               - 2.

Install a Delco 70-6YR battery                                                     - 7.

Drill 100 1/2" holes in the skid bar                                               - 4.

Cruise servo motor                                                                     - 1.

The rock guards for the front springs                                             - 1.

Aluminum water pump pulley. This is also a rotating mass reduction. - 1.

Remove the brace under the steering column. This is a safety item.   - 1.

                                                                 '90 - '91 Cars Total  - 97.5 pounds

For '92 and up cars:

ASR servo motor                                                                        - 2.

                                                                         '92 Car Total   - 99.5 pounds

For '93 and up cars:

The cars were not built with the hood hinge brace listed above.       +.5

EGR valve and bracket.

    A special engine calibration is required.                                    - 5.

                                                                 '93 - '94 Cars Total - 104 pounds

For '95 cars:

The cars were not built with the rock guards listed above               +1.

                                                                          '95 Car Total - 103 pounds

Headers without catalysts are 18 pounds lighter than the OE manifolds.

Removal of the secondary port throttles and the vacuum pump removes 3 pounds.

Wilwood two piece front brake rotors are 4 pounds lighter than the OE rotors per pair. Wilwood two piece rear rotors are 3 pounds lighter.  

The ZR-1 has an approximately 10:1 weight to power ratio. Removing 10 pounds is about the same as adding 1 hp. This also improves handling. A weight reduction of 100 pounds will change the power to weight ratio enough to make the car about .1 second quicker in the quarter mile.

Revised  7-Sep-15