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Parts For Sale

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We are parting out a '90 ZR-1. Colors, red/red. The car was crashed on the left front corner. The rest of the car is in very good condition. 33k miles. VIN 1G1YZ23J4L5800602. The engine and transmission have been sold.

1. PF970C oil filter. New Old Stock. This is the first version of the PF970 filter that was distributed through the GM dealer parts distribution system. Includes the box. PN 25014155 $35 each. 10 filters are available.

2. OE '90 catalytic converter and exhaust manifold assemblies. Fits '90 - '92. 15k miles. They should perform well in an emissions test. $400 each.

3. OE '95 catalytic converters. Fits '93 - '95. 22k miles. They should perform well in an emissions test. $300 each.

4. ZR-1 Body Emblem.

One yellow emblem is left, used but in excellent condition. '90 - '92 paint code 35U/L8769 $40.

5. '90 - '95 ZR-1 front sway bar. Includes the chassis bracket bushings. PN 10165301. Excellent condition. This is a lightweight tubular sway bar. It is also used on '88 base suspension and Z52. '89 - '90 FE1, FE7, FX3. '91 - '92 FE1, FX3. '93 - '95 FE1, FE7, FX3. '96 FE1, F45, Z51.  $50.

6. Owner's manual for a '90. Good condition. The edges of the pages are slightly frayed. $150.


7. Hawk DTC-70 front racing brake pads. PN HB111 U.610. New in a sealed package. $190.