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About Us

Marc Haibeck’s life was changed when he acquired his first Corvette, a new 1986 Z51 manual transmission model. The car was wonderful but it needed a more powerful engine. GM fulfilled that wish with the LT5 engine in 1990. Marc purchased a new 1993 ZR-1. An electronics engineer by education, Marc was fascinated by the engine and electronics technology in the car.

Others were less comfortable with the technology. Marc offered technical assistance to ZR-1 owners via the ZR-1 Net enthusiast email distribution list beginning in 1996. After several years of email support that was very satisfying for Marc as well as other owners, Marc opened his shop in Addison, Illinois in 1999. He did this as a part time job while he worked a day job managing the computer hardware service operation at Fermilab, a high energy physics research laboratory.

His life changed again in 2003 when after 23 years in the computer world, he left to become the ZR-1 Specialist fulltime. Thanks to several very kind customers that placed their trust in Marc in the beginning, he had opportunities to develop and prove his skills as a Corvette technician and as a high performance engine builder.

Marc and his son Bob run the shop as business partners. We are the only shop in the country that is dedicated exclusively to the C4 ZR-1.

Marc would like to thank a few of those early trusting visitors to the shop. Terry Farber, Debbie Hanson, Fred Haraf, Dwight Eickmeier and Kurt Eickmeier.

More about us. This was published in the ZR-1 Net Registry Heart of the Beast Magazine issue 44 in 2016.